The Easiest to Use Store for WordPress or HubSpot

1.5+ Million Users Globally (Ecwid)

  1. Create a free account, add products and style your store.
  2. Activate a plan to take it live and accept payments.

Setting up an online store used to be hard. SiteShop (Ecwid tech) is the perfect solution for websites wanting to easily add e-commerce capabilities. Our easy-to-use store makes it simple to add and organize your products, customize your designs, and accept payments by credit card, cash, banks, or even digital currency.

Plus, SiteShop can handle inventory so you always know where you’re at for product availability.

SiteShop works on any website, regardless of platform. We’ve focussed our services on WordPress and HubSpot platforms because they are the most popular with our customers. If your website is on another platform, just let us know and we’ll help you integrate it.

No credit card is required to set up an account and build out your store. In WordPress, we use a plugin to connect the store and for other platforms, we paste in an embed code.

To get started. First, create an account, then add products and design your store. When you are ready to begin accepting orders, simply subscribe to one of our low-cost subscriptions based on the number of products you have in your store. Subscriptions start at just $15/mo. You can get two months free when subscribing annually vs monthly.

Create your SiteShop account now.

Why SiteShop and not Ecwid? We’ve optimized how Ecwid works in WordPress and HubSpot CMS to ensure speed, ease of use, and functionality.

Your subscription means you have access to local, North American support, based in Calgary, Canada during business hours.

Also, our team handles support with Ecwid’s technical team for you.

SiteShop Product Management Area

Add product images, descriptions, and details.

Add New Products, variants, set pricing, inventory, etc
Manage products in bulk, import or export, make updates, and more.

WordPress Block with Design and Layout Controls

siteshop blocks
Customize your store’s appearance and organization to fit your business needs. Give your store a look and feel that reflects your brand. Position the shopping cart icon where you wish.
SiteShop gutenberg blocks
Add SiteShop blocks just as you would any other Gutenberg block to create the desired store setup. Upon activation, SiteShop creates a page at /store automatically for you.

Manage Store Sales

  • Track and recover abandoned carts
  • Track inventory (including sync to Square Point of Sale system)
  • Provide Local Delivery, Curbside Pickup, accept Cash
  • Bulk-edit products
  • Import/export/replace all via CSV
  • Sell and protect digital products
  • Automatically handle taxes
  • Mobile App (iOS and Android)

Promote Your Items

  • Advertise across Google
  • Offer discounts and coupons
  • Reach visitors with Remarketing
  • Retain customers with automated emails
  • Engage customers with email newsletters
  • Connect Google Analytics
  • Promote and Sell on Facebook
  • Promote on any social media

Sell Everywhere

  • Sync with your Square POS
  • Connect to Clover or Square
  • Tag products on Instagram
  • Sell on Google Shopping
  • Sell on eBay
  • Embed Buttons and Products anywhere
  • Manage multiple stores

Features vary by plan.

SiteShop online stores seamlessly integrate with your website, social network, and popular marketplaces.

Organize products, customize your storefront, accept credit card payments, track and respond to orders – all with just a few clicks of a mouse.

SiteShop Gutenberg Blocks provides seamless integration and a consistent user experience within your WordPress website.

Design your online store with just a few clicks to begin selling on your Site, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Amazon, eBay, and more.

siteshop blocks
Customize your store’s appearance to fit your business needs. Give your store a look and feel that reflects your brand.

Sell on the Web, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and eBay

Rotate the mobile device for the full table view. (Features may change without notice.)

Online storecheck markcheck markcheck mark
Facebook shopcheck markcheck markcheck mark
Instagram storecheck markcheck markcheck mark
Sell on Amazonx markcheck markcheck mark
Sell on eBayx markcheck markcheck mark
Sell almost anywhere, seamlessly.

Promote with Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Mailchimp
Facebook Advertisingcheck markcheck markcheck mark
Google advertisingcheck markcheck markcheck mark
Pinterest Advertisingcheck markcheck markcheck mark
Snapchat Advertisingcheck markcheck markcheck mark
Mailchimpx markcheck markcheck mark
Advertise almost anywhere, easily.

Features of all SiteShop Plans
Digital goodsMax 25GBMax 25GBMax 25GB
Unlimited bandwidthcheck markcheck markcheck mark
Sell simultaneously on multiple sitescheck markcheck markcheck mark
Facebook pixelcheck markcheck markcheck mark
One-tap checkout with Apple Pay (via Stripe)check markcheck markcheck mark
GDPR compliancecheck markcheck markcheck mark
POS: Square, Clover(not in all countries)check markcheck markcheck mark
Gift cardscheck markcheck markcheck mark
Discount couponscheck markcheck markcheck mark
Automated tax calculationscheck markcheck markcheck mark
Facebook Messenger chatcheck markcheck markcheck mark
Access to extensionscheck markcheck markcheck mark
Inventory trackingcheck markcheck markcheck mark
Advanced SEO toolscheck markcheck markcheck mark
Generate legally compliant tax invoicescheck markcheck markcheck mark
Switch to tax-inclusive pricescheck markcheck markcheck mark
Scheduled order pickupx markcheck markcheck mark
Abandoned cart emailsx markcheck markcheck mark
Wholesale pricing groupsx markcheck markcheck mark
Product filtersx markcheck markcheck mark
Product variationsx markcheck markcheck mark
Create ordersx markcheck markcheck mark
Dimensional shipping ratesx markcheck markcheck mark
Staff accountsx mark23+
Multilingual Catalogx markcheck markcheck mark
Sell Recurring Subscriptionsx markcheck markcheck mark
SiteShop includes more features than the competitors.

Support Options per Plan
Chat/Emailcheck markcheck markcheck mark
Phonex markcheck markcheck mark
Priority supportx markx markcheck mark
Web Meeting Supportx markx markcheck mark
Free customization
(on annual plans)
x mark2 hrs10 hrs
We’re here with you.

WordPress CMScheck markcheck markcheck mark
HubSpot CMScheck markcheck markcheck mark

No transaction fees are charged by SiteShop. Payment Gateways typically charge 2.9% + fees depending on which one you connect. Connect your payment gateway of choice, including Stripe, PayPal, Clover, and more (over 50 gateways supported, as well as cash).

3 SiteShop Plans to Suit Your Online Store Needs

SiteShop15 Plan Features

This plan is great for stores with up to 100 products in their catalogue. SiteShop15, and all our higher plans, also allow you to sell digital products: e-books, audio, video master classes, etc.

Here are more features available to you on the SiteShop15 plan:

  • Sell on Facebook and Instagram. Showcase your products to millions of potential customers and increase your sales.
  • Use advanced SEO tools. Submit a sitemap to Google and specify a meta name and description for each product in your catalogue to get your store better ranked in search results.
  • Set up discounts. Attract customers by offering various types of discounts: discount coupons, sales, or bulk discount pricing.

Create a free account now to add products and get your online store ready to launch.

SiteShop35 Plan Features

This SiteShop plan is for stores with up to 2500 products in their catalogue. It contains all the features of the SiteShop15 plan plus gives you more tools to showcase your products:

  • Product filters. These are displayed in the storefront to help customers easily view all the products that match their search criteria: colour, size, etc.
  • Product variations. Selling products in different sizes, colours, or other options? Show what a product looks like with these different options and set the stock limit for each item with the help of product variations.
  • Multilingual catalogue. Let customers shop at your store in their own language.

Additional SiteShop35 tools for managing your store:

  • Edit orders. Edit order details if a customer made a mistake when placing an order.
  • Track abandoned carts. Customers often view products and add them to their cart, but don’t complete a purchase. An automatic recovery email will remind the shopper about their unfinished order.
  • Two staff accounts. You can invite two employees or partners to manage SiteShop with you: they will be able to view and edit your SiteShop admin settings (except for the billing page).

Create a free account now to add products and get your online store ready to launch.

SiteShop99 Plan Features

As the name says, there is no limit on the number of products that you can have in your catalogue on the SiteShop99 plan. You get all the features of the lower plans and more:

  • An unlimited number of staff accounts. Give access to your SiteShop admin to all your employees involved in order processing or catalogue management.
  • 12 hours of free customization service. (Available on the annual SiteShop99 plan.) If your store has any specific needs that are not covered by SiteShop’s built-in features, the support team can develop an individualized solution just for you.

Create a free account now to add products and get your online store ready to launch.

Product Schema for SEO

Don’t lose a moment’s sleep wondering if you’ve optimized your products for search engines. Because SiteShop automatically generates product structured data in JSON LD or Microdata.

  • WordPress via plugin: SiteShop generates structured data in JSON LD. You can view it in the source code of the product’s page.
  • HubSpot and WordPress, etc via Embed: SiteShop generates structured data in Microdata format. You can view it on the product’s page using your browser’s developer tools (Inspect).

Tip: the more complete your product information, the more complete the schema.